On this page you will find my philosophy and my areas of expertise which I also offer in English. If you are wondering whether I can support you throughout a project, a decision or a conflict, don’t hesitate to contact me by telephone 030 447 35 115 or e-mail me at lhc@mediation-und-mehr.de.


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As a dedicated lifelong learner, I’ve always enjoyed encountering situations and people that are different from those I already know.  Personal, familial, health and professional challenges have enhanced my personal and professional growth. I’ve learned to love life even more and to be more sympathetic towards the needs of others. My vision is that we can better understand and talk about how different we are, and how much connected at the same time.

From the range of methods I have learned, I offer those which are the most helpful in the given situation, starting with communication essentials over process work to little physical exercises, so you can experience small custom-tailored training sequences for your current situation.

Depending on the topic, I turn to some colleagues I enjoy working with.

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My expertise and experiences:

  • My youth in Eschwege, a town in Hesse, where I was born in 1952
  • My studies – mathematics and physical education – in Göttingen and Berlin
  • My experiences with a different culture through my long lasting relationship with my Italian husband
  • My experiences as a mother of three children, now grown up
  • My twelve years of activity as a secondary school teacher for mathematics and physical education from 1979 until 1994
  • My professional development through trainings and workshops in Process Work and Change Management (Mindell, Schupbach) from 1992
  • My activity as a mediator and coach from 1995
  • My activity as an instructor for mediators from 1998
  • My experiences with the TMS (Team Management System® ) Model from 1998
  • My collaboration with the company Grundkraft from 2009
  • My experiences with meditation and self-healing seminars


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the wonderful teachers who have known me and guided me on my path as instructor, supervisor or colleague: Jacques Suijkerbuijk, Elisabeth Hoffmann, Arnold and Amy Mindell, Markus Marty, Urs Büttikofer, Marianne Verny, Max and Ellen Schupbach, Luisa Rieger, Franziska Bender, Angela Mickley, Angelika Ciesielski, Birgit Keydel, Rita Wawrzinek, Ed Watzke, Karla von Kaldenkerken, Jutta Borck, Lukas Hohler, Regina Amsl.

I apologize to those I haven’t mentioned individually, please know that I value you.

Thank you all very much!

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Conflicts often show us where exactly developments are important in our life. If we look deeply into ourselves we know that that there are topics we are afraid of on one hand, but we would like to tackle on the other.

During coaching we look together at what a frame should look like, for you to feel safe and comfortable and to enable your growth. It’s you who decide when and how you would like to change.

I like assisting people to go their own personal way, whether in a leadership role, in an important decision or in a conflict situation. Together we will look for peak experiences in your life, your job, your hopes and your dreams which can be an indication for new paths.


I enjoy accompanying couples who have reached a point where their love is on the verge of disappearing in everyday life and who would like to search for new paths in shared life.

Sometimes separation is the answer –and often it’s possible to maintain a profound love, if you succeed in leaving each other enough room to experience personal developments in your own personal way.

A similar approach applies to colleagues at work: in the mediation it often becomes clear, that a different way of working is the basis of experienced tensions – and in everyday working life there’s no time to exchange opinions on that matter. In mediation we can compensate and often achieve a deeper understanding for each other. Agreements include the recognition of diversity and often also the resumption of a regular exchange.


During supervision we work together on your professional role. Like coaching, the aim is to strengthen and develop your personality in order to master all changing challenges at work and in everyday life.

Team Building

Team building and conflict resolution training help organizations to create a foundation of trust among the participants.  On this foundation we are able to address and handle conflicts through mediation. The Team Management System Model® helps to understand the differences in ways of working and to identify them as an opportunity for collaboration. For more information go to www.tms-zentrum.de (in German).


As the creative mind behind the Gefühlsmonster cards, I’ve been dedicating myself since 1996 to the topic of “talking about feelings”. The experiences reported to me lead to the further development of the application spectrum which I pass on to the participants in workshops and seminars. For more information go to https://www.gefuehlsmonster.de/en/home/ (in German www.gefuehlsmonster.de).


I frequently use Lukas Hohler’s handbooks on Process Work as a coach for executives and in the social sector, as a trainer for groups who are keen on assimilating and implementing the content of these handbooks and as a supervisor and instructor for Grundkraft staff. For more information go to www.grundkraft.net (in German).


Gefühlsmonster for professionals – Talk about feelings more easily

Target group:

People who wish suggestions for dealing with feelings in private or professional life and are interested in becoming acquainted with the Gefühlsmonster cards and in trying them out.

If you would like to experience and try out the various applications of the cards, from little games over working in teams and trainings to the intensive work with feelings in coaching and mediation, you are welcome to this seminar!


Please email to lhc@mediation-und-mehr.de, or call 030 447 35 115

Visit my site lillihoechcorona.de to lern more about me and my treasures.
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